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Each ISBN will be 10 digits long. Older books may have ISBNs that are 13 digits long.

On the Online calculator enter the numbers only. DO NOT include spaces or dashes.

Answer: Since you will be shipping heavy books, we highly recommend sending items by USPS Media Mail, USPS Parcel Post, or UPS Ground.

Answer: Our turn around time to process trades is quite short. Trades are processed first come, first serve, and usually get evaluated within 48 hrs of arriving at

Answer: Your trade price is based on the current online market value for each item.

Answer: The ISBN number is an 10-13 digit number that is usually located on the back cover of your book, above the barcode. For hardcover books or older books you can usually find the ISBN in the first few pages of the book, near the copyright year.

Answer: accepts a multitude of different kinds of media including: DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, Video Games, PC/Software Games, Audio Books, Text Books, VHS Tapes, and LPs.

For questions on whether or not an item meets this criteria please contact our Trade Department.

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I was prepared to donate more than 7 boxes of books, instead I made over $110.00. I will donate the books that Abunda didn't want. It was good to get monies from an unexpected source. Thanks.
- Ms. B, 07/28/2010

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